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The Best Time For Moving to Qatar 26
May of 2014

As we head towards the summer, potential home buyers who are looking at moving to Qatar will find it’s actually a great time to make a Qatar real estate purchase.

Although there have been several years of it being a buyer’s market, we’re  now heading more into the home sellers territory. However, over the next few months the pendulum will swing more in favour of home buyers over the next few months. Sometimes the summer is considered too hot for visitors, so the home buying market can calm down. People go out of the country to visit family ad friends and it leaves a more open market for buyers.

Moving to Qatar in the summer is easier

Holidays: Residents of Qatar will often leave the country in the hot summer months. They will opt to take their annual trip home during this time to escape the heat of the country. This is a great time to have more choice over which properties you want. Buyers can get better deals with less people to compete with.

Hotter weather: Summer in Qatar brings about a slowdown in the city. This could bring on a slump in the movement of properties. Those who take advantage of this situation can enjoy finding great deals.

Banks: Banks receive less mortgage and loan applications during the warmer months. This is great news for buyers as their applications will pass through the process faster. Many sellers will also want their properties to get off the market before they go through the hotter weather, and less sales. They want to negotiate before the market stops for summer.

The summer is simply a great opportunity for those looking to buy. Those relocating to Qatar and wanting to buy real estate will find that this is an ideal time to purchase. Loans are more readily available from bankers and mortgage lenders.

If you’re considering moving to Qatar, then you may find that now is the best time to take action. We will be  happy to walk you through the market, what’s available and how to go out moving to Qatar.


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