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How About Moving to Qatar? 27
May of 2014

You may have been offered a job in Doha that requires moving to Qatar, but what does this actually mean in reality? If you don’t currently live in the Middle East and have never done so, then prepare yourself for quite a different way of life.

Let’s explore what a move to this part of the world will mean to you:

Accommodation in Qatar
Rents are relatively high compared to some places and the choices are not extensive, however, some properties can offer a lifestyle that may not otherwise have been available to you. Most expat accommodation in Doha is of a good size and will quite often offer access to a number of convenient amenities such as swimming pool, gym, corner store and sometimes cafes.

Some of the most appealing locations have a waiting list for those who are looking to move in. However, there are places that you can move to until your preferred location becomes available. Search our site.
Lifestyle in Qatar
This small emirate gives back to you what you put in. There are actually a lot of things to do, it’s just down to you to get out and do them. Film festivals, museums, desert trips, conferences and there is always a lot of sport taking place – sometimes on an international level. It’s easy to make friends here and the weather is fantastic for most of the year, so you can take part in a more outdoor lifestyle than you may already have.
Just as the winter may be a difficult season to get through in your own country, the summer can be hard in Qatar. With extreme heat, many activities will be suspended as people leave town for the peak of the heat. However, when the winter comes around again, you’ll be enjoying fantastic days out again.

If you're seriously considering moving to Qatar, check out our accommodation listings.


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