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How to Find the Best Office for Rent 17
Jun of 2014

It can be challenging when it comes to finding the best office for rent. It’s not always easy to find the time to check out different locations and venues around the city, but it can also be tricky to find the best lease arrangements.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to not only find the best office for rent but to also find it in a great location at an affordable price:

Get a Good Real Estate Agent
Only a well-connected and reputable real estate agent is going to know where the best available commercial real estate is located. One approach to this might be to contact several estate agents who are specialists in the area of commercial real estate. You can then find out which properties they have listed currently.

Arrange Private Showings of Office for Rent
Once you have worked out your specific needs for your office space, then communicate it to your agent. You should also give them an idea of the location and price that you’re willing to pay. They will be able to arrange a private showing to enable you to see what’s available. Some landlords are highly motivated to rent the space, so keep this in mind.

Negotiate Price and Terms
There are always leasing terms to consider. We recommend that you make an offer in the region of 85% of the asking rental price. This will give both of you leeway to attain what you’re looking for when it comes to budgetary requirements.

If you’re looking for office space in the Doha area, call us today. We will put you in touch with one of our agents who have knowledge of all the commercial properties currently available in the city today. Alternatively, feel free to browse our office space listings on our website. Contact us for any further information.  

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