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What to Consider When Looking for Office Space to Rent 27
May of 2014

If you’re looking for office space to rent, then it’s essential that you are aware of how much of a determinant the location of it can have on the success of your business.

We’ve put together a few points that you should be aware of when selecting your next office space to rent.

Office Space to Rent: Size

You don’t want to hire an office that is far too big for your needs. Cash flow and expenses are key for a young business. However, getting somewhere that’s too small can prevent you from taking on new staff and welcoming clients to your place of business. If you’re a startup then you can go small, but existing players may need somewhere larger.

Location, location, location does not just apply to residential spaces, but also to commercial properties. Be sure that your office is situated where your clients can reach it, but also your employees. It will also impact cost.

Head towards the more affordable. Rent can take up a good proportion of running costs, so identify your budget and do what you can to stick with it.

Offices relay brand image

Remember that whichever space you select, it will portray an image of your brand and business. Ensure that the building is of a high enough standard to deliver a strong image of your business so that you can continue to grow with new clients.

Ask if your landlord can throw in any extras. Some buildings will already have the internet and some telecommunication cables installed. Is there a chance of reducing your expenses?

Buying vs leasing will be down to how much capital you have available to you. There could also be some tax benefits too from taking out a loan and needing to pay back interest.

The above are all factors that will influence how successful your office space to rent experience will be.


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