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Trends in Bathroom Design for Your Real Estate in Doha 26
May of 2014

There’s long been particular trends with real estate in Doha. Some stem from maximising space and some from optimising resale value further down the line.

Many of these trends are centred around the amenities offered by compounds or apartment blocks, where others are around the kitchen. More recently we have seen a trend based on the bathroom.

The master bath is not the same as it once was. There is less focus on it’s function and more on it’s lounging and relaxing properties.

Assessing Home Trends in Real Estate in Doha

As with any trend, it’s important to ascertain what the buyer is looking for and then consider what might have the most staying power when it comes to design. Some trends only last a season or so, whereas others may change the future of these rooms for all real estate in Doha.

Here are some of the most interesting trends seen in real estate design

No bathtub. This trend appears to suit those without children the most. There is no longer the need for the bathtub, but a need to luxuriate in a larger shower that offers rain style shower heards.

High-end finishes: Just as granite took over the counters of kitchens, marble appears to be taking over bathrooms. High end finishes are very popular right now.

His and hers: the concept of the his and hers style bathroom has gone beyond double sinks. Builders are now installing suites for both him and her, wardrobes and sometimes even separate toilets.

Larger showers: Whether the bathtub  stays or not, showers are growing in size. There are also featuers such as double entrances, multiple shower head sprays and some very nice high end tiles.

A fancy lighting scheme: Installing great lighting
has now got a big focus on it. You may even find a fancy chandelier in the middle of the bathroom ceiling.

Stunning bathrooms can deliver on the ‘wow’ factor. Even if you aren’t thinking of buying real estate in Doha right now, it’s important to stay current with design trends so that you know where the value is being added and how to stay competitive.

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